Cuphead Celebrates One Year On Switch With A Limited-Time Sale

It’s been one year since Cuphead, the beloved co-op shooter, made its way to Nintendo Switch. It was the first of two Microsoft-published games to appear on the system, the other being Ori and the Blind Forest, and it’s turned out to be an excellent fit for the system. Now, to celebrate the anniversary of its release, Cuphead has been discounted.

You can grab Cuphead on the Eshop right now for $15, with a 25% discount applied to its standard $20 price. The game has only been discounted on Switch once before, so it’s not one we see pop up regularly in Switch sales. You have until April 25 to pick it up at this reduced price.

Unfortunately, this discount seems to only apply to the US Eshop–we checked both the UK and Australian stores and found the game was still full price on each.

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