Cuphead–Xbox Congratulates PS4 Owners On Getting This Former Exclusive

Cuphead, the former Xbox One/PC exclusive that eventually came to Switch, is now available for PS4, too. It’s a day we never thought would come–partly because developer StudioMDHR explicitly said that the game would never come to PS4–and eyes have been on Xbox to see how they’d react.

As it turns off, Xbox–or, at least, the team running the Xbox Twitter account–couldn’t be happier for PS4 owners who finally get to experience this great game. In a tweet replying to the news, Xbox told PS4 fans that they’re “gonna love this.” You can see it below.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that there’s a more cynical reasoning behind this–it’s unclear what the exact deal is between Microsoft and the developer on this game, and it’s possible that Microsoft will make some money from the sale of Cuphead on PS4. But it’s also in line with the Xbox brand’s more magnanimous approach to gaming lately, with Phil Spencer saying that the company is less focused on selling systems for the Xbox Series X.

Cuphead has long been one of the few Xbox exclusives–or games associated with Xbox, at least–not available on Xbox Game Pass, which is looking like a major part of Xbox’s strategy going forward, even if it’s not a huge money maker yet.

Cuphead has DLC on the horizon, called The Last Course. It’ll come to all versions of Cuphead.