Cyberpunk 2077 Has A Witcher 3 Easter Egg Hidden Early

Cyberpunk 2077, the upcoming first-person RPG from CD Projekt Red is currently in the spotlight after their recent Night City Wire broadcast revealing some new information about the game, as well as a bunch of previews cropping up after the studio allowed select media to play a hands-on demo of the game.

At GameSpot, three of us were fortunate enough to experience what it’s like to play the opening hours of Cyberpunk 2077–we’ve got a video feature that details our three different experiences. This allowed us to see each of the three different prologue sequences of the game that introduce the protagonist V, and portray V’s growing relationship with her partner Jackie in different ways. The three different scenes corresponding to the three “Life Paths” that game allows you to choose: Street Kid, Nomad, and Corporate. We’ve got an article describing what happens in each prologue if you’d like to know more.

I was the one who chose to play the Corporate path, where V begins the game as a counter-intelligence operative for the Japanese firm Arasaka. V is given a treasonous order by her conniving, garbage boss (who weirdly uses the c-word twice in the space of 30 seconds so you know he’s bad), and you’re introduced the cutthroat world of corporate espionage that helps to define a lot of cyberpunk fiction. It’s all very exciting, so naturally, the first thing I set off to do was to poke around the corners of the Arasaka office to look at trashcans, vending machines, and the workspaces of employees.

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