David Eason is Best Dad Says Jenelle Evans to Nugget

David Eason is Best Dad Says Jenelle Evans to Nugget

Jenelle Evans was at a fantastic big mess for more than a month now.

Her husband murdered her dog, she dropped her Teen Mother two gig, and CPS eliminated all her children from her property.

It has been rough.

But during the entire thing, Jenelle was uncharacteristically quiet.

She has given interviews and statements here and there, but not so much, and she has not addressed the situation far on social websites in any way.

Until today!

Jenelle … well, she doesn’t always make the best choices.

Actually, she pretty exclusively makes terrible ones.

Her worst choice? It’s tough to say, but it’s really looking like it’s going to be getting with David Eason.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans with their child's
David Eason and Jenelle Evans with their child’s

David is just the worst, but nobody has time to list every single bit of proof of that. For now, let’s just stick with the fact that he murdered Nugget, the family dog, and after police began investigating him, they believed he was so dangerous that they advised CPS to remove all the children from his care.

It’s apparently a big deal, and a very difficult thing to do, this emergency removal, but David warranted it.

And so now Kaiser is with his father, Nathan Griffith, and Ensley is with Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, who already has custody of Jace.

Maryssa is with her grandmother, and although Jenelle has denied it, reliable sources have claimed that she and David are no longer interested in regaining custody of her.

And so Jenelle and David are home alone, with only themselves to care for. And it hasn’t been going great.

Jenelle seems to be getting a bit delusional — more than usual, even.

We saw a good example of this last week when she got into a heated argument with Barbara after court.

It started because she wanted to hold Ensley, which isn’t exactly legal right now — she’s only allowed to see her kids under CPS supervision. Barbara wasn’t into it because she had to get Ensley some lunch and then get back to the courthouse in just thirty minutes, and Jenelle told her that if she had a problem she could go get an officer.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans
David Eason and Jenelle Evans

It was such a dumb move because Ensley has been through enough, she doesn’t need to be snatched from her mother’s arms by a cop, and also not one bit of this would impress the judge.

She ended up walking Ensley to Barbara’s car, and on the way, she claimed that she’d called CPS on Barbara for having her mentally ill son watch Ensley while she took a shower. Because wouldn’t it be great if CPS took Ensley again?

When they got to Barb’s car, Jenelle buckled her up, and she and her mother were still bickering. At one point, she yelled at her to quit arguing in front of Ensley, which is just so rich for so many reasons.

David Eason
David Eason

And if that wasn’t enough (it really was), that night Jenelle gave an interview about her mother in which she complained that “This isn’t a way a mother should be treating her daughter. She fights so hard for my sister and my brother when they are the ones with major issues, not me.”

“I believe my mom is saying anything at this point to make herself feel better,” she added. “It might all boil down to jealousy.”

We don’t know what Jenelle thinks she has that Barbara would be jealous of, but, well, there’s that.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans
David Eason and Jenelle Evans

It’s clear that Jenelle is not in the best place mentally, and … that’s it. This is all just a great big mess, and it’s not going to get better anytime soon.

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