Death Stranding PC Build Houses Its Own Life-Size Bridge Baby

Death Stranding finally launched on PC earlier this month, and the game’s newly formed community is already getting suitably weird with it. We already turned the game into a nightmare ourselves, but one creative fan has manifested something even eerier.

As far as first PC builds go, Twitter user Cami Roebuck might hold the award for the most impressive. No, your eyes are not deceiving you; that is, in fact, a life-size BB sitting inside a PC. The Bridges logo is a nice touch, and the case does look like a piece of mail protagonist Sam “Porter” Bridges would transport across Death Stranding’s post-disaster America, but there’s no ignoring that baby.

Precautions have been made to ensure “little Lou” doesn’t melt. The only question now is whether she’s capable of detecting any nearby BTs.

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