Deathloop Will Support 4K HDR On PS5

Arkane Studios announced some new details about Deathloop, its ground-hog day styled first-person shooter, during QuakeCon. The game will utilize the PS5 to deliver a smooth framerate, 4K resolution, and HDR.

Deathloop follows Colt as he attempts to break free from a time loop by killing eight assassin targets before midnight, when the loop resets, however the eight targets have very different schedules and routines, so he will need to learn their patterns and plan your actions accordingly. During this, Juliana Blake, a rival assassin and protector of the Black Reef, will attempt to kill you and prevent you from reaching your goals before the loop resets.

Juliana can be controlled by other players, invading someone’s game to provide unique showdowns between the assassins. Arkane Studios also said it will take advantage of the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers to provide you with feedback while shooting. The studio teased that it would be showing more gameplay footage soon.

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