Demi Lovato Agreed Bachelorette Suitor Luke Parker is Full of Crap

Demi Lovato Agreed Bachelorette Suitor Luke Parker is Full of Crap

Demi Lovato only started watching The Bachelorette for the very first time.

However, the singer has come to the exact same decision about ancient front-runner Luke Parker as many a seasoned viewer of the franchise.

Which is to state the following:

Luke Parker
Luke Parker

Heck, jump a weapon if she wants to.

Just don’t give this guy another improved, Demi states.

Lovato observed the episode a couple of the Bachelorette year 15 one day after it initially aired Monday, May 20 — and felt the necessity to pass across a very straightforward message to Brown instantly then.

“Hannah, honey do not anticipate him!!!!!!” She captioned a chunk of this relationship show on her Instagram Stories.

Why does Lovato believe this way?

After Luke told Hannah that he’s “starting to fall in love” with her, despite it being extremely early in the season, Lovato’s reaction was clear:

“Huh?! How?!” she wrote.

“I’m uncomfortable. I’m cringing,” Lovato added.

She wasn’t alone in feeling this way.

Most observers don’t understand how Parker should say such a thing at this point in the show’s run — unless, of course, he’s just spewing a bunch of seemingly romantic crap in order to end up in a Fantasy Suite with Hannah down the line.

In other words: He may be on this show for the wrong reasons.

Her Future Husband
Her Future Husband

Parker spilled his love-themed tea while on stage in front of many other contestants, setting up quite the awkward situation for all involved.

But Hannah seemed to buy it.

She had previously given Luke her First Impression Rose and she then crowned him Mr. Right after this week’s group date pageant.

“He was the person that I had the first real, indescribable connection with… And if anybody was going to say it, I would more so believe Luke out of anybody,” Hannah said on air, adding this past Monday:

“[But] at the end of the night, I started questioning it a little bit too.”

She also started making out with Parker a lot, though, so she must have come up with her own answers to those questions.

Lovato isn’t the only celebrity who is down on Luke Parker.

Crowning Luke Parker
Crowning Luke Parker

On his podcast last week, former Bachelor anchor Nick Viall laid into the aspiring husband very hard.

“I really f-cking hate him,” Viall said of Parker, mocking the suitor for saying that God spoke to him in the shower a little while back and told him to stop having so much random sex.

“He’s a terrible human being,” Viall added, prior to Tweeting:

Luke P seems like the type of guy who is capable of being really shitty and then defends his action by saying ‘Only God can judge me.’ Not true Luke, I’m judging you right now.

Also, i hate your tie. #theBachelorette.

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