Destiny 2 Hotfix Patch Notes: Witherhoard Nerfed In New Update

Well, it’s official: Witherhoard has been nerfed in the latest update to Destiny 2. The new Exotic grenade launcher added in the Season of Arrivals is still a fun, powerful weapon, but you won’t be able to take it into the game’s various raids and annihilate their bosses in seconds anymore.

Bungie released the patch notes for Hotfix on its website. The update fixes a few items that have been nagging the Season of Arrivals, first among them being Witherhoard’s ridiculous power. The new Exotic grenade launcher fires rounds that produce a damage-over-time effect called Blight, and for the first two weeks of the season, blasting some PvE enemies with a bunch of Blight grenades could melt them almost instantly. Players quickly found that Witherhoard was a great way to wallop the toughest enemies in the game, like Riven, the boss of the Last Wish raid, or the Sanctified Mind of the Garden of Salvation raid. But with the new hotfix, the fun is at an end.

Witherhoard still has its damage over time capabilities, but it shouldn’t become ridiculous against certain enemies. The patch also addresses other issues with Exotics in the game: for several pieces of armor, it was possible to activate their perks, then switch to other gear for additional benefits. Players were using those exploits just like Witherhoard, so that they could quickly knock out raid bosses. Bungie’s been trying to fix a few of those bugs for a while now, so we’ll see if this one sticks.

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