Destiny 2’s Solstice Of Heroes Event Kicks Off Next Week With New Gear

Destiny 2‘s summer event, the Solstice of Heroes, kicks off with the next weekly reset on August 11. Like last year, it’s bringing new armor for players to earn by venturing into the European Aerial Zone, an area specific to the event where you’ll fight waves of enemies for a chance to earn a bunch of rewards.

Bungie detailed this year’s Solstice event on its blog with a new trailer. The thing that drivers the Solstice of Heroes is a special Majestic armor set you can earn for your characters, which is unique to the event and will require you to put in some effort to earn. When Solstice begins, you’ll start with a new, “rare” version of the armor. Participating in Solstice gives you an opportunity to amp up the armor to a “legendary” version with better stats and a cooler look.

We’re not sure yet what it’ll take to upgrade the Solstice armor to Majestic status, but it’ll probably involve venturing into the EAZ, an area we saw last year. It’s a section of Earth’s EDZ location that floats in the air, giving it more of a platforming vibe than other locations. When you venture into the EAZ, you fight waves of enemies to earn keys, which you’ll then use to open chests to get rewards. You can get different roles on your Majestic armor in the EAZ as well.

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