Diablo 4 Update Details Multiplayer, Storytelling

Diablo 4 is still coming in the nebulous Blizzard future, but in the meantime the studio is keeping us posted on its progress with promised quarterly updates. The latest development update gives fresh insights on how the dungeon-crawler will handle elements like storytelling, open-world elements, and seamless multiplayer without compromising the feel of Diablo.

Diablo 4 Storytelling

Blizzard started by addressing how it is changing its storytelling mechanisms. Whereas Diablo 3 used character portraits to deliver dialogue, the studio is experimenting with bringing the camera in closer to characters so you can see the conversations firsthand. Some conversations will rely on a general library of animations, while more complex conversations will have handcrafted animations.

For the most important story moments, Blizzard is planning to use real-time cutscenes. That allows the angles to be more cinematic, but you’ll still be shown as your own character with any visual elements like your currently equipped armor.

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