Disney (MCU) vs Sony Pictures who is evil over Spider-Man dispute

Disney (MCU) vs Sony Pictures who is evil over Spider-Man dispute

The trend of #SaveSpideMan is at its peak. Everyone out there is blaming Sony Pictures and supporting Marvel, which is I guess not Marvel anymore, its Disney now. However, this is not the part of discussion but who is evil side in this matter over Spider-Man dispute?

Well, it kinda shocked Marvel fans but according to several Reddit posts, the one from user u/CaptionSkyhawk,

Marvel and Sony Pictures’ allowed to Sony to keep Spider-Man movies rights while Marvel got to incorporate other characters into MCU (with Disney). Marvel (Disney) received 5% payout of Spider-Man films, which Sony would fully finance. Disney continues to receive 100% merchandise sales.

Disney asked that future Spider-man films be a 50-50 co-fi stake, and possibility to extend to other movies in the Spider-Man universe. Sony declined and counteroffer proposed to keep their current withdrew Marvel and Feige from their Spider-Man films.

It was an aggressive stance by Disney who already earned $7.67 billion in their movies this year.

From this statement it seems that Disney is making things difficult for everyone; for business and fans. The reason of this dispute between both companies is something like: “Spider-Man is now mostly related to Marvel characters because of his relationship with Tony Stark as uncle in several Marvel films. And now Marvel is owned by Disney so, they are asking for this aggressive change over profit sharing ratio. TheĀ Spider-Man Far From Home is now the highest grossing film ever of Sony Pictures and how Sony can share his 50% of partnership?

Well, the conclusion yet to be finalised and if Disney step away from Spider-Man than you can’t call Spider-Man an Avenger anymore.

Well, anything publicly has not been announced by any company yet. And people who close to deal are also unauthorised to speak. You can read about more about this dispute at Meme origin.

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