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Disney (MCU) vs Sony Pictures who is evil over Spider-Man dispute



Disney (MCU) vs Sony Pictures who is evil over Spider-Man dispute

The trend of #SaveSpideMan is at its peak. Everyone out there is blaming Sony Pictures and supporting Marvel, which is I guess not Marvel anymore, its Disney now. However, this is not the part of discussion but who is evil side in this matter over Spider-Man dispute?

Well, it kinda shocked Marvel fans but according to several Reddit posts, the one from user u/CaptionSkyhawk,

Marvel and Sony Pictures’ allowed to Sony to keep Spider-Man movies rights while Marvel got to incorporate other characters into MCU (with Disney). Marvel (Disney) received 5% payout of Spider-Man films, which Sony would fully finance. Disney continues to receive 100% merchandise sales.

Disney asked that future Spider-man films be a 50-50 co-fi stake, and possibility to extend to other movies in the Spider-Man universe. Sony declined and counteroffer proposed to keep their current withdrew Marvel and Feige from their Spider-Man films.

It was an aggressive stance by Disney who already earned $7.67 billion in their movies this year.

From this statement it seems that Disney is making things difficult for everyone; for business and fans. The reason of this dispute between both companies is something like: “Spider-Man is now mostly related to Marvel characters because of his relationship with Tony Stark as uncle in several Marvel films. And now Marvel is owned by Disney so, they are asking for this aggressive change over profit sharing ratio. The Spider-Man Far From Home is now the highest grossing film ever of Sony Pictures and how Sony can share his 50% of partnership?

Well, the conclusion yet to be finalised and if Disney step away from Spider-Man than you can’t call Spider-Man an Avenger anymore.

Well, anything publicly has not been announced by any company yet. And people who close to deal are also unauthorised to speak. You can read about more about this dispute at Meme origin.


Cameron Diaz Says Walking Away From Acting ‘Was Like a Cleansing’




Being true to herself. Cameron Diaz opened up about her decision to retire from acting in 2018, after losing part of who she was through the work.

“A peace. I got a peace in my soul because I finally was taking care of myself,” Diaz, 47, told Gwyneth Paltrow in the Wednesday, August 5, episode of “In Goop Health: The Sessions” video series. “I feel grounded and light.”

The Charlie’s Angels actress, who hasn’t starred in a movie since 2014, noted that “it’s a strange thing to say” and that a “lot of people won’t understand” why she announced her retirement two years ago.

Cameron Diaz Says She Had ‘Peace in My Soul’ After Walking Away From Acting
Cameron Diaz Courtesy Cameron Diaz/Instagram

“It’s so intense to work at that level and be that public and put yourself out there,” Diaz explained. “There’s a lot of energy coming at you at all times when you’re really visible as an actor. I’m sensitive to some energy and not others. I do get the overwhelming energy of the attention that’s being put toward me.”

At one point, the California native, who married Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden in 2015, said she paused and examined what her world outside of acting included and she wasn’t happy with what she saw.

“I really looked at my life and I saw what I had been — when you’re making a movie, it’s the perfect excuse, they own you — and I realized I handed off parts of my life to all these other people,” she said. “They took it. I basically had to take it back and take responsibility for my life.”

The new mom, who welcomed daughter Raddix in December 2019 via surrogate with husband Madden, 41, doesn’t regret her choice. “It was like a cleansing,” she noted.

The Avaline wine cofounder further explained that because actors are “infantilized” and taken care of constantly she had to break free.

[embedded content]

“Overwhelming your life becomes so narrow. Everybody’s doing things for you and you’re catered around,” the Mask star told Paltrow, 47. “I never felt really, truly comfortable with that. I understood it was part of the job, and for me, I needed to become self-sufficient again.”

She added: “I really needed to know that I could take care of myself [and to learn] that I knew how to be an adult.”

After switching her life course, Diaz leaned on her husband and had to really figure out how she wanted to function moving forward.

“I learned a lot about myself. It’s painful. It hurts. It’s scary,” she revealed. “I credit Benj a lot. I broke that mirror about a thousand times when he put it up to me.”

Diaz first described herself as “actually retired” during an Entertainment Weekly interview in March 2018 alongside her The Sweetest Thing costars, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair. The Bad Teacher actress told fans during an Instagram Live chat in May 2020 that she’s “not going to do more films at the moment.”

Listen to Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood as each week the editors of Us break down the hottest entertainment news stories! Source: US Magazine

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Jana Kramer Breaks Down, Reveals Her Pneumonia Has Paused Movie Filming




Working woes. Jana Kramer broke down and cried after being told she has early symptoms of pneumonia, which caused filming to stop on her new movie.

“Real talk, I’m really upset right now,” Kramer, 36, told her fans via an Instagram Story on Wednesday, August 5. “I just got back from the ER. I have pneumonitis, which is early on pneumonia.”

The One Tree Hill alum tried to hold back tears as she described her symptoms from her bed.

“I was having a really hard time breathing. I got tested again for COVID, it is negative again, so somehow whatever my head cold [was] went into my lungs,” she explained.

Jana Kramer Breaks Down, Reveals Her Pneumonia Has Paused Movie Filming 2
Jana Kramer Matt Baron/Shutterstock

The mother of two said that “production has been amazing” following her emergency room visit, but she revealed she feels “terrible of course” about not being able to work.

“I’m just so upset about it. I’m going to rest for the two or three days. Take a bunch of medicines,” Kramer said, noting she’s taking a social media break in the meantime.

She added: “I’m going to be off here for a minute, because If not, I’m going to continue to be upset, because I’m not working. Love you guys. Sorry for the sob story, but I just wanted you to know why I’m going dark.”

The country singer reiterated her decision to “go dark” in an Instagram Story caption.

“There is nothing more upsetting then finally getting the chance to work and then randomly getting pneumonia which I have NEVER had,” Kramer wrote alongside her video explanation on Wednesday. “But I’ve got meds, I’ve got the best movie producers and team that are giving me the time off I need so thank you!!”

Jana Kramer Breaks Down, Reveals Her Pneumonia Has Paused Movie Filming
Jana Kramer Courtesy of Jana Kramer/Instagram

On day prior, the Christmas in Louisiana star shared an Instagram Story clip alongside her new movie love interest, Brandon Quinn, with her fans. Production on the upcoming project began on Monday, August 3.

“I booked a movie and I am so excited to start filming!!!! What kind of movie are you hoping it is?!?!” Kramer teased on Instagram in July ahead of the gig’s start.

The Michigan native has been trying to keep busy and add to her resume amid the coronavirus pandemic before booking the aforementioned unnamed movie last month.

“I wasn’t sure if I could say it, but we might have auditioned for a certain Housewives thing,” Kramer revealed on the July 14 episode of her and husband Mike Caussin’s “Whine Down” podcast.

The couple tried out for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills while at home during the pandemic, but the “Untouchable” singer said “we haven’t heard back yet.”

The Dancing With the Stars alum’s desire to work during the pandemic led to a “panic attack” after she traveled at the beginning of shutdowns earlier in the year. After landing in Canada to film a movie in March, Kramer got a lot of backlash for flying amid fears of the illness spreading worldwide.

“The second I landed in Canada, I had like the worst anxiety ever,” Kramer told Us Weekly exclusively in April. “I kept hearing, like, more things that were happening and more cases, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, like, we made the wrong decision and I just brought my kids here. What were they thinking? Like, holy crap.’”

The actress explained that she was “shaking, having a panic attack” as she thought about her choice to travel internationally at the time. The producers ultimately pulled the plug on the project and Kramer packed up and headed back to Nashville.

“The second I got home I was like, ‘I’m good. We’re home.’ The anxiety is still there, obviously, but not anywhere near [what it was],” the Christmas in Mississippi star said.

Listen to Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood as each week the editors of Us break down the hottest entertainment news stories! Source: US Magazine

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Zelda Williams and More Stars Who Give Back to Charity




Giving back! It’s impossible not to take notice of the large number of stars who have shown their passion for being charitable.

Over the course of her career, Angelina Jolie has shown just how much she cares about the lives and well-being of others. After helping to support the efforts of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the Maleficent actress was named a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador in 2001.

In 2006, she launched the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation with now-estranged husband Brad Pitt. The organization helps provide aid to humanitarian crises globally. Us Weekly confirmed in 2010 that the former couple made a $1 million contribution to Doctors Without Borders.

Jolie previously told The Telegraph in 2012 why being charitable makes her feel good. “What are we in this world if we can’t be of use to others in some way,” she explained at the time. “It’s a happier life. I had a wonderful mother and I learned a lot about women through her. I have great daughters who teach me a lot about the strength of women and little girls. And I’ve met amazing people around the world who’ve inspired me and taught me to be better.”

Beyoncé’s charitable deeds have also not gone unnoticed. She even has a BET Humanitarian Award win and’s Most Charitable Celebrity title to prove her good will. Not only has the “Formation” singer used her platform to speak out against injustice and social issues, she has also founded the BeyGOOD initiative.

Through BeyGOOD, the Grammy winner has worked alongside UNICEF to bring clean water and sanitation to the East African country Burundi and helped provide mobile coronavirus testing to Houston’s Black community. In April 2020, her organization pledged to donate to mental health charities amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“BeyGOOD recognizes the immense mental and personal health burdens being placed on essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic,” a statement on her website read. “In our major cities, African-Americans comprise a disproportionate number of workers in these indispensable occupations, and they will need mental health support and personal wellness care, including testing and medical services, food supplies and food deliveries, both during and after the crisis.”

Shawn Mendes, for his part, has worked with organizations including and the American Red Cross to help combat worldly issues. He also founded the Shawn Mendes Foundation in 2019, a non-profit that aims to inspire his fans to create positive change.

“For a long time, I’ve wanted to find a way to amplify the causes that my fans and I care deeply about, and to help make the voices of our generation heard,” the singer said in a statement, per Rolling Stone. “My goal in launching the foundation is to work alongside my fans, and do everything I can to help provide them with a platform that inspires positive change, and empowers young change-makers.”

Scroll down to see how stars have given back over the years.

Source: US Magazine

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