DJ Pauly D Says Jen Harley will Never be Part of the Jersey Shore Family!

DJ Pauly D Says Jen Harley will Never be Part of the Jersey Shore Family!

Nowadays, Jersey Shore fanatics must rely on the astonishingly entertaining Double Shot at Love so as to acquire their guido fix.

But fear not, fist-pumpers and duvet mattress fans — Jersey Shore: Family Holiday Season 3 is headed your way!

The regrettably Situation-less second leg of the planet’s longest vacay is presently filming.

Plus it appears an undesirable guest is attempting to weasel her way to the fam.

No, we are not speaking about the Dirty Hamster herself, Angelina Pivarnick, who has surprisingly been admitted back in the team (despite several significant misgivings from Jenni Farley as well as many others ).

We are referring to Ronnie Magro’s baby mama, Jen Harley, a girl whose destructive behaviour makes Snooki and the remainder of the Spiral Squad seem like a bunch of spray-tanned nuns.

Ronnie and Jen Harley
Ronnie and Jen Harley

Harley was taken into custody a month on an outstanding assault warrant, a development that surprised absolutely no one, since the mom of one participates in acts of violence too often and softly as most people do their own laundry.

“She’s not really part of the show, but sometimes she does make a little appearance,” he tells Us Weekly.

“She is a part of his life … [and] you get to see our individual lives. Pretty cool.”

Jen’s psychotic temper can be entertaining in small doses, so we’re okay with her making “a little appearance” now and then.

But if she were to become a regular cast member, we might have to check out of the Seaside House.

In terms of Ronnie,” Pauly says he has taken the ideal actions to turn things around and is presently doing better than ever before.

“He is doing well. You know, he is going through it. He is on that Ideal path also,” says Pauly, including:

“He moved into rehab and came back”

“He is putting his daughter , that’s the most crucial thing,” Pauly reports.

“He is getting himself putting his daughter as a priority. He is still on that exact same route, which is fantastic.”

Seems like we have seen our final Ron-page, that is a really good thing.

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