Do You Know Nawazuddin Siddiqui Used to Apply Fair And Lovely Cream to Have a Lighter Skin Tone?

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui says that even he has tried to achieve the level of beauty that many beauty products claim to provide to their customers. In his latest interaction with a daily, the actor opened up on a scene from his recently released Netflix film Raat Akeli Hai in which he is seen applying ‘Fair & Lovely’ cream on his face to make the colour of skin turn lighter. Nawazuddin said that not just in a film, he has tried to do the same in real-life as well while believing the fake beauty standards that such products establish in society.

The actor talked to Mid-Day and mentioned that he also used to apply the fairness creams expecting ‘miraculous results’ as it is shown in the advertisements. “I too grew up applying these fairness creams, expecting miraculous results. In fact, I remember that once, I didn’t even realise that the cream I was using wasn’t Fair and Lovely, but some fake called ‘Fare’ and Lovely. I spent a lot of time trying to make my skin fairer,” he said.

Nawazuddin questioned the inclusivity of the film industry and asked how many dark-skinned actors do we have in the industry. He said that he has come to realise how his features and skin colour have actually worked in his favour. “In mainstream Bollywood cinema, is there any really dark actor, male or female? I had an inferiority complex at first. But I guess the good thing is, I realised that since I couldn’t do anything about my face, I would be better to start focussing on my craft. I knew I was nothing when it came to my personality or my looks. It took sometime to come out of that trauma, but I’m glad I made that decision,” Nawaz explained.

Earlier last month, ‘Fair & Lovely’ decided to drop the word ‘fair’ from the brand as the anti-racist protests took shape in the US following the murder of George Floyd who was a black American. The move was hailed by all and was seen as a small but prominent victory in the years of struggle against racism.

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