Doom Eternal (PC) On Sale For $40 Just One Month After Release

It’s no secret at this point that if you’re willing to wait a few months after a AAA game’s release, you’ll probably be able to find it for $10 to $20 cheaper (and sometimes even more). That waiting period has seemed to shrink as this console generation comes to a close, and if you held off on buying Doom Eternal for that reason, you’re in luck. Just one month after its release, Doom Eternal’s PC version is currently selling for $40 at Walmart.

Unfortunately, this is a box that’ll be shipped to you with the code inside, but if you’ve already waited this long to check out Doom Eternal, you may not mind waiting a bit longer. The purchase includes free shipping, and for me, the listing guarantees delivery by April 27.

For comparison, Doom Eternal is full price on Amazon and Steam. You can find it for $52.79 on Fanatical, which will email you the digital code directly, but if you’re holding out for the best price, Walmart’s discount is the way to go.

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