Doom Eternal’s Delayed Soundtrack Is Now Available For Collector’s Edition Owners

One of the promised perks of the Doom Eternal Collector’s Edition is the game’s official soundtrack, available as a high-quality, lossless download. Unfortunately, the soundtrack was not ready for the game’s launch, but it was promised that anyone who bought the Collector’s Edition would receive it at a later date.

That date has now arrived, and owners of this edition can now download and listen to the full Doom Eternal soundtrack. id Software announced the news on Twitter, and promised that the album would also appear on iTunes, Spotify, and other services “in the coming weeks.” The Spotify stream won’t be as high-quality as the version Collector’s Edition fans are getting, though.

The Doom Eternal soundtrack was composed by Mick Gordon, who also composed the music for 2016’s Doom. He’s also known for composing the music of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus alongside Martin Stig Andersen. Like his previous work, the Doom Eternal soundtrack is extremely metal.

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