EA Boss On The Importance Of Diversity And Inclusion

EA’s chief studios officer Laura Miele has shared new details on the company’s ambition to be a more inclusive and diverse company, and why that will help the outfit to make the best games.

Speaking to GI.biz, Miele shared that EA has created a new set of internal guidelines called the “Inclusion Framework” that studios use to help make more inclusive characters and stories. Miele pointed to Kim Hunter, the fictional female hero of the FIFA story mode in recent years, as an example of a development team creating a game with the aim of helping to appeal to a wider audience than before.

“We want to make games for everyone, and our games and characters must be as diverse as the communities we serve,” Miele said. “One way we enable that is our Inclusion Framework, a set of filters designed to challenge our thinking and help our studios develop more inclusive characters and stories across our games. A great example of this is FIFA. The team has adopted the framework and completes a diversity assessment every year. It enabled the FIFA team to ensure Kim Hunter was a unique and truly authentic character and a gaming first–the first female playable hero in a sports story.”

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