EA Comments On Buying New Studios, But Refuses To Discuss Warner Bros. Rumors

With rumors swirling that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is up for sale, gaming giant Electronic Arts has commented about its general approach toward buying studios. As part of the company’s latest earnings briefing, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen–who controls the company’s money–said EA is “more interested than ever” in buying studios. He refused to comment specifically on Warner Bros. but he pointed out that EA–as one of the biggest gaming companies on the planet–is usually in the mix when studios get put up for sale.

“It is very rare that we don’t get a chance to look at anything that is up for sale,” Jorgensen said. “You can imagine … people call us and say we’re thinking about selling the business or we’re thinking about selling ourselves. We are a place that a lot of people want to come as a long-term home if they decide to sell the business. We get to look at almost everything.”

Jorgensen said he “can’t comment on any specific acquisition,” but he pointed out that EA’s acquisitions in the past have come from long-standing partnerships. EA isn’t necessarily interested in snapping up a studio to get its portfolio of games–instead, it wants to invest in talent. All of this sure sounds like EA is not going after Warner Bros.

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