Earth Defense Force 6 Announced, Check Out These Giant Bees And Spiders

The bug-squishing action series is coming back, as D3 Publisher has just announced Earth Defense Force 6. Not much has been detailed for the upcoming game aside from a handful of screenshots and a wide release target of 2021. Platforms have not been announced.

The screenshots on the official Japanese site focus mostly on the bugs themselves: ants that are several stories tall, spiders crawling over wrecked buses, and bees that appear to be at least the size of a sensible family-sized SUV. There’s even some kind of bug-like monstrosity that’s standing upright and holding a weapon of its own. A single screenshot shows the apparent player character, who looks pretty insignificant next to these enormous insects.

Earth Defense Force has gained a cult icon status for its notoriously terrible B-movie dialogue and wild bullet-hell action as you defend earth against an onslaught of alien insectoids.

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