Elijah Wood Apparently Came To Someone’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island

The turnip trade has become a hot commodity in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with players able to make millions in bells thanks to the community working together and opening their islands when they get a spicy price. Everyday people on Twitter are tweeting how much their stores are offering for turnips and opening their gates for anyone to come in and make some money, apparently including celebrities.

Once the call goes out online that an island is open with a high selling price on turnips people start to flock to these islands, lining up in front of the store in single file. One user, Jessa, posted on Twitter that her turnip prices were selling for 599 bells each, only to have Elijah Wood slide into her DMs.

Apparently, the Lord of the Rings star DMed her if he could have her Dodo Code in order to visit her island and sell his turnips. Once it was sent Woods flew over and joined Jessa and her friends who had gathered for the once in a lifetime event.

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