Emmerdale: The newcomer Simon Lennon reveals his onscreen character with Aaron Dingle’s new love interest Ben.

Emmerdale: The newcomer Simon Lennon reveals his onscreen character with Aaron Dingle’s new love interest Ben.

The newcomer Simon Lennon reveals his role with Aaron Dingle’s new love interest Ben.
Simon Lennon will play the role of Ben for upcoming episodes.

Simon spoke to the media about his role in the show and said, “Ben’s coming into the village as a new guy, who’s independent to other people at the moment. He’s got a job up at the HOP doing the outdoor water sports and stuff like that, so he’s with the kayaks and the mountain bikes. When Ben and Aaron’s worlds collide again, a decade’s absence suddenly comes back to the forefront.”

“For Ben, there is so much history and memory and experience, just in that one moment of connection – remembering things that have happened and remembering their relationship in the past. Whether Aaron remembers it as much or not, we’ll have to wait and see.” He added.


“For Ben, it’s a wave of emotion and a plethora of different things. We’ll learn a lot more about their history and what happened between them when they were younger. For Ben, he’s older now and there’s been so much time apart for them.”

He continued, “Ben has led his own life and then suddenly there’s this chance encounter where they’ve been reintroduced. I think so many things happen in that moment for him – there’s pain, there’s regret, there’s embarrassment, and so much stuff.”
“It’s a lot to process. Ben is working out what it’s going to be like if they’re in close vicinity for the foreseeable future, and how he’s going to feel about that.”

When he was asked about to win Rebron fans, He replied, “Yeah, definitely. Again, even before being involved in the show, I knew of the Robron fans. It’s such an amazing fanbase. Knowing Danny, I was aware of the support for him and that relationship was always so big.”

He added, “For myself coming into it, Ben is a completely different person. I’m in no way attempting to replace Robert. The initial relationship between Aaron and Ben is one of just pure lust and attraction. There’s so much of that history that has to come into play.”

“There needs to be a blossoming friendship before there’s anything that comes on top of that. You can see little moments between them, you can see that they’re attracted to each other. There is a chemistry and a buzzing undercurrent there.” He continued.

“But I hope that people can see that Ben is a new person in himself. Whether things blossom between him and Aaron, it’s a new world and it’s a new connection between the two of them.”

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