Epic Games Launches New Free-To-Play Sitcom Parodying The Games Industry

Epic Games is taking another big step forward with its online marketplace with the release of an exclusive new free-to-play “interactive-sitcom” called 3 out of 10. Blending the gameplay of a classic 2D adventure game with the style and presentation of a late-night animated series, 3 out of 10 is the next unusual experiment coming to Epic Game Store on PC. With the first episode of 3 out of 10 out now, and new entries for the five-episode first season releasing weekly till September 3, the game focuses on one of the industry’s worst game developers seeking to make it big with their next game.

Just before the reveal, GameSpot got to play 3 out of 10 and had a chat with members from developer Terrible Posture Games about the making of this “experimental” game for the Epic Games Store. The first episode focuses on the fictional Shovelworks Studios’ new hire, Midge Potter, a replacement for an animator who unexpectedly combusted at his desk. Within minutes of joining the team, she’s thrust into the bizarre world of game development at a C-level studio that’s struggling to make a hit and avoid the ire of angry fans picketing their building.

Game director Joe Mirabello told GameSpot the developer is trying something different with the adventure series. Its previous credits include titles like Tower of Guns and Mothergunship, two FPS games that parodied the genre, and 3 out of 10 carries a similar awareness of the genre and the setting it inhabits. Mirabello stated during our interview that he has had his share of odd experiences working at game studios like Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios, the ill-fated developer that released Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Yet, Mirabello stressed that 3 out of 10 isn’t “punching down” on the industry, but rather highlighting the absurdity within it.

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