Fallout 76 Patch Notes: First Season Launches Today, Adds Public Teams

Bethesda has been promoting the launch of Fallout 76’s free seasons for weeks now, and it’s finally happening. This large patch–around 11 GB on PS4 and Xbox One and 4 GB on PC–kicks off the game’s first season, titled The Legendary Run. In it, players can complete challenges to earn S.C.O.R.E., which unlocks new cosmetic items in the manner of a traditional battle pass.

This update adds Public Team functionality to the game, which allows similarly-minded players to group up to achieve goals, such as exploring the environment or completing public events. The goal set by the team leader will give every member of the team a small buff, such as +1 to Charisma for a roleplay focus, or +1 to Intelligence for building a settlement.

The addition of Public Teams necessitated some adjustments to how team PvP works in Fallout 76. Now, teammates each have to engage another player in combat to initiate PvP, rather than just one member of a team. This change should prevent team members from being forced to fight other players based on the actions of a single member. The update also adds a massive amount of bug fixes, as usual.

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