Fallout’s Vault Boy Joins Smash Bros. Ultimate As A Mii Fighter

The Fallout series has never been well-represented on Nintendo systems, but that isn’t stopping a crossover from happening with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The series’ signature Vault Boy mascot is on the way–but not as a full playable character.

Five new Mii Fighter costumes will be joining Smash Ultimate on June 29, including Fallout’s Vault Boy. That’s notable because the only Fallout game to release on a Nintendo system to date is the spin-off Fallout Shelter for Switch. The Vault Boy reveal didn’t coincide with any news about additional Fallout games coming to Switch, but you can nonetheless look forward to playing as Vault Boy in Smash. He functions as a Gunner-type character and looks quite good.

The other new Mii fighters come from Arms, Tekken, and Splatoon. All five release on June 29 for $0.75 each and are separate from the Fighters Pass that includes standard characters. Here’s the full lineup of new Mii Fighter costumes:

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