Fantastic PS4 Deal Offers Dreams For $25, And It’s Worth Every Cent

When the outside world becomes overwhelming and stressful, video games provide the immersive escape many of us may be craving right now. And in Media Molecule’s Dreams, you have thousands of player-imagined worlds at your fingertips that will surprise, mystify, and delight you. The brilliant game creation system officially released February 14 after an early access period last year, and while it’s been selling at its full price of $40, you can snag Dreams for a fraction of the price today. Several retailers–GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon–are currently dropping the price on Dreams to just $25.

Physical copies of games have been seeing major shipping delays recently, but you won’t have to wait long to dive into Dreams if you order it today. GameStop’s listing says the game ships within 24 hours, while Best Buy’s listing says April 29 is my estimated delivery (it may vary based on your location). Unsurprisingly, Amazon will take a bit longer, but I’m still seeing May 2 as the estimated delivery, which isn’t too far off. It’s worth noting Amazon offers free delivery for this purchase, while GameStop and Best Buy require you to hit the $35 minimum before offering free delivery.

Getting Dreams for just $25 is a steal, and there’s honestly no better time to check out everything this game has to offer. There are two main activities–DreamShaping, which is where you can start building your own projects and access tutorials that teach you how to get started, and DreamSurfing, which lets you play other people’s creations. The story mode, Art’s Dream, was made to showcase many of the design tools and mechanics the game has to offer, telling the story of a depressed bass player named Art who quit his band and, now plagued with regrets, must fight through his own feelings of fear and self-doubt through his dreams. Skipping from genre to genre, from point-and-click adventure to puzzle-platformer, Art’s Dream offers a fantastic overview of everything Dream has to offer while also telling a deeply compelling story in its own right.

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