FF7 Remake Elemental Materia Guide: Where To Find This Essential Materia Orb

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the Elemental Materia is one of the best Materia orbs you can get, as it can imbue either your weapons with elemental power and your armor with elemental defense. However, this Materia can be incredibly easy to miss if you’re just gunning your way through the story without exploring every nook and cranny of each area. Below we detail where to find all the Elemental Materia orbs you can get and how it works.

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How Elemental Materia Works

As mentioned above, the Elemental Materia is a handy way to imbue a party member’s melee attacks with elemental power when attached to a weapon or increase their magical defense against a particular element when attached to armor. To explain, weapons and armor feature sockets that you place Materia into, and there are two variants of Materia sockets on weapons and armor: single, and linked.

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