FF7 Remake Guide: How To Beat Three Person Team Vs. Top Secrets

The best accessory in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is locked behind its toughest challenge: an optional boss gauntlet in the Shinra Combat Simulator that pits you against some of the toughest foes in the game. The Top Secrets simulator challenge is one of the last things you’ll unlock in the game, and taking it on–and defeating the final boss, the Pride and Joy Prototype–is going to require all your battle skills.

We’re here for you, though. Below, we’ve got everything you need to know to beat the Pride and Joy Prototype, along with all the bosses that come before it. If you’re looking to earn Gotterdammerung and unlock the Ultimate Weapon Trophy, we’ve got you covered. And if you need other help, check out our other Final Fantasy 7 Remake guides and walkthroughs to deal with everything from side-quests to boss fights to collectibles.

How To Unlock The Pride And Joy Prototype Fight

There’s a lot you need to do to get yourself to the toughest boss fights in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. First and foremost, you have to beat the game once, which will unlock Hard Mode, the tougher version of the game you can only access from a new Chapter Select menu. After that, you’ll have to take on every other challenge the game sets for you:

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