FF7 Remake Guide: How To Get The Best Accessory In The Game

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you can get an accessory called the Gotterdammerung, which allows its wearer to start any fight with a fully charged Limit Break. Not only that, but after the attack is expended, their Limit Break bar will steadily charge–even when that character isn’t moving or attacking–decreasing the time it takes to get another fully charged Limit Break. Below we detail exactly what you need to get this incredibly useful accessory.

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How To Get The Gotterdammerung

The Gotterdammerung is your reward for completing a secret combat challenge on the VR Combat Simulator found at Shinra HQ near the end of the game. To unlock this hidden challenge, you’ll need to complete the following steps–one of which requires you to beat FF7 Remake to even start tackling.

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