FF7 Remake Hell House Boss Guide: How To Burn This House To The Ground

One of the tougher boss fights you’ll encounter in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the Hell House during Chapter 9. If you’re not up coming into this one prepared, you’re likely to get wiped quick. Below we detail everything you need to know about how to defeat this seemingly sentient house.

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How To Defeat The Hell House

The Hell House is a tough fight, so make sure you’re prepared. Spread magic materia between Cloud and Aerith so you have spells covering all four elements: Ice, Fire, Wind, and Lightning. It’s also a good idea to remove Elemental materia from your weapons for this fight. You need a balance of elements because the Hell House will constantly change its elemental affinity, using a barrier that will defend it from your attacks. That means that if you’re using Elemental materia and the wrong barrier is up, your physical attacks will be useless, putting you at a big disadvantage. You also want to bring plenty of ethers to this fight.

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