Final Fantasy 7 Chapter 16 Walkthrough: The Belly of the Beast (Spoiler-Free)

You might have guessed that “The Belly of the Beast,” the title of Final Fantasy Remake‘s Chapter 16, refers to taking the fight to Shinra. As you head to Midgar’s Sector 0, you’ll face some of the toughest challenges you’ve seen so far in the game. There are also quite a few diversions and a few secrets to find. We’ve got everything you need in our walkthrough below, from an outline of everything you can find, to strategies for defeating whatever Shinra throws at you.

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Chapter 16 Walkthrough: The Belly Of The Beast

Head into the Shinra building. You’ll first meet resistance in the parking garage. Most of the fights won’t be too tough, but as you press forward, you’ll eventually face three Elite Riot Troopers, three Guard Dogs, and two 3-C SOLDIERS all at the same time. It’s a tough battle; quickly try to use Fire spells on the Riot Troopers to knock some or all of them out fast. Switch Cloud to Punisher and focus on the Guard Dogs, using your counter to knock them back; you’ll want to do the same with the SOLDIERS. Hit the dogs with Ice spells to do high damage and try to get rid of them as quickly as you can, because they’re highly mobile and very irritating. With everything else destroyed, you should be free to fight the SOLDIERS slowly and deliberately with magic, blocks, and counter-attacks.

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