Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 12 Walkthrough: Fight For Survival (Spoiler-Free)

Our Final Fantasy 7 Remake walkthrough continues, taking you through the streets of Midgar to win every boss battle, find every collectible, and unlock every secret. Chapter 12 is mostly a battle chapter, serving as the culmination of everything that’s happened since the end of Chapter 9. Check out the guide below for all the details.

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Chapter 12 Walkthrough: Fight For Survival

As you approach the pillar, you’ll again be accosted by those gray specters, led by an Enigmatic Specter. You mostly just have to kill as many of the specters as possible. Do your best to avoid their attacks and take them out quickly with melee strikes–magic will work as well, but it’s not as effective. Triple Slash are handy here for taking down multiple enemies quickly, and attacks like Focused Thrust and Focused Strike will push up the Engimatic Specter’s stagger meter. You don’t need to really win this fight, though–just kill enemies until a cutscene kicks in.

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