Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 14 Resolution Guide: How To See Every Scene

Note: This post contains spoilers for Final Fantasy 7 Remake–specifically Chapter 14 and before. If you haven’t made it through that section of the game, we suggest you do so before reading further.

At several points during Final Fantasy 7 Remake, your actions have effects on the story. It might be a cutscene that’s dependent on your performance, like in Chapter 4, or one that takes into account your choices, like in Chapter 9. But the biggest thing that’s affected by your choices is in Chapter 14–a moment called “Resolution” in the rundown of the main scenario.

Unlike most other moments you can change, Resolution takes a whole bunch of things into account from throughout the game to decide which of three different scenes plays during your version of FF7 Remake’s story. It stacks up choices from Chapter 3 and Chapter 8, and seemingly takes into account things from Chapter 2, Chapter 9, and Chapter 10, as well. But we’ve figured out how to affect the choice to help you check out all three possible scenes–read on to see what choices to make and when to unlock each one.

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