Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Chapter 8 Side-Quests Walkthrough

After a riveting series of events, you’ll find comfort knowing that Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s eighth chapter is much more easygoing with a new set of side-quests to get lost within. Below you can find a detailed walkthrough of each Chapter 8 side-quest and the rewards you get for completing them.

Chapter 8 Side-Quests Walkthrough

Kids On Patrol

Go to the Leaf House and speak with Ms. Folia out front of the building. She’ll dispatch you to find a bunch of kids who should really be in school. Talk to her again for some tips as to where the kids hang out.

Make your first stop near the Item Shop in the Central District to find a patroller hanging out in the middle of the street. From there, turn north and head up the street toward the train station to find your second kid. Another is standing right in front of the Weapon Shop. The “concrete pipes” Ms. Folia mentions are in the southwestern corner of the map, just south of the community center, where you’ll find another patroller. From there, continue to the community center to find the last patrol kid standing out front.

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