Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide: Every Johnny Scene

As you work your way through the slums of Midgar in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you can’t help but meet Johnny, a colorful character who’s not especially bright. Despite mostly good intentions, Johnny can’t help but get himself into trouble almost constantly–but lucky for him, you’re there to bail him out. Tracking down all the game’s possible interactions with Johnny is worth the effort, though, not only because he’s pretty funny, but because it can net you a Trophy called “The Johnny Experience.”

Some of Johnny’s appearances in the game are mandatory, while others are tied to your choices, and a few are completely miserable. Here’s a rundown of all the places to find Johnny to earn the Trophy and follow one poor fool’s arc as he tries to make it in Midgar.

Chapter 3

Your first interaction with Johnny is part of the story. After completing at least one side-quest with Tifa, head back to the Seventh Heaven bar. You’ll see a bunch of people gathered nearby as part of the “Job Well Done” main scenario event. Head into the crowd to trigger your first Johnny scene.

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