Final Fantasy 7 Remake Limit Break Guide: How To Unlock More Limit Breaks For Your Party

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you’ll discover early on that some of the most powerful attacks your party can perform are Limit Breaks. You can unleash these special techniques after your Limit Break gauge fills up from taking enough damage or frequently staggering enemies. Each party member starts with a single Limit Break to lay down devastating damage with, but it’s possible to get more! Below, we breakdown how to get more Limit Breaks.

Where To Get More Limit Breaks

You don’t get access to new Limit Break techniques until you reach Wall Market during Chapter 9. After clearing the Corneo Coliseum section of the story, you can go back to the battle arena and spend time tackling extra events–a couple of which yield new Limit Breaks as rewards upon completing them. Your first go-around through the Corneo Coliseum’s challenges can net you Limit Breaks for Cloud and Aerith. Upon revisiting the Wall Market during Chapter 14, you’ll get another set of challenges to nab some for Tifa and Barret.

The series of challenges care called X Character Vs. Wild Animals, and it forces you to use only one character against a gauntlet of enemies. There are four in total, each associated with a member of your party. Completing one earns your that particular character’s second Limit Break. With melee characters like Cloud or Tifa, the challenge is pretty easy to complete, but when you take it on as Aerith or Barret, it becomes a bit more tricky. Keep focused, and you should earn those Limit Breaks in no time.

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