Final Fantasy 7 Remake Madam M Decision Guide: Which Course Should You Choose?

Note: This post contains light spoilers for Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. We recommend you’re at least playing through this chapter before reading this guide.

During the Wall Market section of Chapter 9, Cloud and Aerith embark on a mission to find Tifa, who’s holed up in the mansion of the reclusive Don Corneo. To accomplish this task, Aerith must qualify as an official candidate in the running to be one of Corneo’s many mistresses. If you’re coming up on this after reading the guide we wrote about Chocobo Sam, then you’ll know you need the approval of Corneo’s closest confidants–another of which is a woman goes by the name of Madam M.

When you speak to Madam M–like Chocobo Sam–she also presents you with a choice. For her, it’s around the massage course you want to spend money on. There are three choices: the Luxury Course (3,000 gil). the Standard Course (1,000 gil), and the Poor Man’s Course (100 gil).

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