Final Fantasy XIV’s Big Overhaul You’ve Been Waiting For Comes With Patch 5.3

As the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has evolved into a renowned, critically-acclaimed mainline series entry with its expansion packs, the one caveat players frequently bring up to newcomers is that they’ll have grind out the base game A Realm Reborn. It’s often referred to as the least enjoyable part of FFXIV with some long strings of main quest filler and limitations from the time it was made. Square Enix had frequently teased a revamping of the base game, but it’ll soon be on its way.

In the latest Letter from the Producer livestream, director/producer Naoki Yoshida and community manager Toshio Murouchi went in-depth on the upcoming FFXIV 5.3 update, including the revisions made to A Realm Reborn. Main scenario quests from the start of the game up to the concluding quests from the 2.5 patch will be affected. According to Nova Crystallis, about 13% of the main quests have either been cut or truncated. Although it’ll be shorter, experience points gained through these quests have been altered so that players will still reach the base game’s level cap of level 50 by the end of it and be prepared to go into the first expansion pack Heavensward.

A slide from the Letter From The Producer livestream presentation.

Another significant change is that flying mounts will be able to take to the skies in zones from A Realm Reborn (flying was restricted since these zones weren’t designed with it in mind). However, you’ll have to finish the main quest “The Ultimate Weapon” which is towards the end of the base game’s questline.

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