Fish And Bugs Leaving After May In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A new month in Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn’t just mean new fish and bugs to catch, but also a handful of fish and bugs that are going away. You can hit up last month’s list to see what’s missing now that April is over, but if you want to look ahead and focus on what’s going away in June, we have you covered. Whether you have a Northern or Southern Hemisphere island, here’s every fish and bug leaving Animal Crossing at the end of May.

Fish And Bugs Leaving After May

Fish are first spotted in bodies of water as shadows, which come in a variety of sizes. We have a fish shadow size guide you’ll want to use to get a better idea of what the shadow sizes (which we label 1-6) look like in-game. All fish listed below have their corresponding shadow size next to them for easier identification.

Northern Hemisphere

Fish Location/Size Time Price
Golden Trout River (Clifftop) / 3 4 PM – 9 AM 15,000
Oarfish Sea / 6 All day 9,000
Loach River / 2 All day 400

The golden trout is among the most valuable fish in the game–it’s also new to the Animal Crossing series! It only spawns in clifftop rivers, just like the rare stringfish, so if you’re going to focus your efforts on fishing this month, you might want to grab your ladder and be on the lookout for this one. One of the best ways to catch rare fish is on a deserted island that has the right layout, since fish spawn more rapidly on Mystery Tours than on your own island–better spawn rates means less time crafting fish bait, though that is certainly recommended as well.

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