Fortnite Astro Heads Locations: Where To Bounce Off Giant Astro Heads

Fortnite and rapper Travis Scott are teaming up for a special Astronomical concert later this week, and as part of the collaboration, a new set of challenges is now live in the battle royale game. Completing these will unlock special cosmetics to go along with the new Travis Scott skin and other items that are available for purchase in Fortnite’s in-game store.

One of the Astronomical challenges asks you to bounce off of different giant Astro heads. If you’re not sure where to find those, this guide will help you complete the challenge.

Where Are The Astro Head Locations?

You need to bounce off of five Astro heads to complete this mission, all of which are located around Sweaty Sands, the area where the Astronomical concert will take place. You should have no trouble finding the heads, as they look like giant, inflatable versions of Travis Scott’s face, making them hard to miss. We’ve marked the Astro heads’ locations on the map below.

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