Fortnite Gnome Locations: Where To Destroy Gnomes At Camp Cod Or Fort Crumpet

A new batch of challenges is now live in Fortnite. In addition to this week’s secret No Right to Bear Arms challenge, which asks you to disarm gnomes and bears to prevent them from going to war, there’s the first set of Season 2 Overtime missions, one of which ironically asks you to destroy gnomes in Camp Cod or Fort Crumpet. If you need help finding those, we’ve put together this guide showing you where to go.

Where Are The Gnome Locations?

As the challenge mentions, the gnomes are located in two specific areas: Camp Cod and Fort Crumpet. The former is in the southeastern corner of the map, in grid square G8, while the latter can be found northwest of Sweaty Sands, in A3.

There are numerous gnomes scattered around each area, so you shouldn’t have much trouble coming across them just by exploring. You can see exactly where Camp Cod and Fort Crumpet are located on the map below.

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