Fortnite Gold Pipe Wrenches: Where To Search Pipe Wrench Locations

Week 10’s challenges have arrived in Fortnite. This week introduces the second set of Midas’ Mission challenges, and of course, one of them revolves around gold. Specifically, you’ll need to search five different golden pipe wrenches. If you’re not sure where those are located, we’ve put together this guide showing you where to go.

Where Are The Golden Pipe Wrench Locations?

As the challenge states, there are five golden pipe wrenches to search. These are scattered all around the island, but they’re fittingly all located by areas with some kind of pipework. This somewhat narrows down the areas you need to search, but the wrenches will likely still be tough to find, so we’ve outlined their locations below:

Fortnite golden pipe wrench locations

  • On top of Lockie’s Lighthouse in C1
  • In front of the pipe statue in B6
  • At the Pipeman landmark in D8
  • Outside of Steamy Stacks in H2
  • Western side of Dirty Docks in H4

How To Complete The Challenge

Once you know where the golden wrenches are, all you need to do is make your way to each one and search them. Fortunately, unlike the Week 10 challenge to visit Greasy Graves, Hayman, and The Agency, you don’t need to search all five in a single round, so you can chip away at this challenge over the course of several challenges.

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