Fortnite: Where To Visit Hayman, Greasy Graves, And The Agency Locations

Fortnite‘s Week 10 challenges are now live. This week brings us the second set of Midas’ Mission challenges, and one of them asks you to visit three specific locations within a single match: The Agency, Hayman, and Greasy Graves. If you need help tracking them down, this guide will show you where to go.

Where Are The Agency, Hayman, And Greasy Graves?

Of the three areas you need to visit to complete this challenge, The Agency should be the easiest to find; it’s located directly in the center of the map, so you can’t miss it. The other two areas–Hayman and Greasy Graves–may be a bit more obscure, but they are fortunately not too far off from The Agency–although they are in opposite directions.

Hayman, as you might have guessed, is by Frenzy Farm, in grid square E4. Greasy Graves, meanwhile, is located between Holly Hedges and Weeping Woods, in grid square C5. You can see the exact locations of all three areas on the map below:

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