Fortnite XP Coin Locations (Week 9 Midas’ Mission Guide)

Week 9’s challenges are now live in Fortnite. This week introduces the first set of Midas’ Mission challenges, some of which fittingly revolve around gold. One asks you to search Midas’ golden llama, while another asks you to find five XP Coins. This is easier than it may initially sound, but if you need help completing this challenge, here’s what to do.

Where Are The XP Coin Locations?

XP Coins are large tokens that you can find all across the island. These have been around since the start of Season 2, but more have been gradually appearing as the season has progressed, so there are now a ton of them scattered around. Unfortunately, any XP Coins that you’ve previously collected won’t count toward this challenge, but it still shouldn’t be too hard to find five.

You can tell when one of the tokens is around by the distinctive noise it makes when you’re nearby. The coins also come in four different varieties–orange, purple, blue, and green–which dole out different amounts of XP and have different conditions depending on their color; the blue coins, for instance, are only around for a short time, so you need to collect those before they disappear.

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