Frog Fractions Has Done It Again–Here’s How To Access A New Sequel

Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade Edition is available now on Steam, bringing the strange and wonderful Frog Fractions to Steam for the first time. And, lo-and-behold, it secretly contains a whole other game within it–albeit one you’ll have to pay real money for.

Frog Fractions, which famously hides its real intentions behind the veneer of a frog-centric maths game, comes with a piece of DLC on Steam–Hop’s Iconic Hat, which adds a funky new hat to the game’s frog. The $8 hat is priced just high enough to turn people away–but check under the brim and you’ll find a new game.

PC Gamer is reporting that the hat awakens something new in the game. From the menu screen, there is a toggle for whether or not you want Hop to wear the hat. Put it on, and you’ll get a whole new experience–one that PC Gamer doesn’t spoil, and we’ll do the same.

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