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From Flaherty’s close to no-no to a game with without stopping in sight: Cardinals fall 3-2 in nineteen innings



From Flaherty's close to no-no to a game with without stopping in sight: Cardinals fall 3-2 in nineteen innings

From Flaherty’s close to no-no to a game with without stopping in sight: Cardinals fall 3-2 in nineteen innings:“Weren’t ready to bring it home,” manager electro-acoustic transducer Shildt aforesaid. “I can’t applaud the hassle any longer by the cluster of men out there. say birthing it out there. Good gravy. You can’t fire something additional. … Score 2 runs in nineteen innings, you want to possess additional offense.”

The game came seven minutes back of seven hours and tied a major-league record with forty eight combined strikeouts. By the time it had been over, around 3:35 a.m. St. Louis time, a game that began with Flaherty teasing history complete with the Cardinals and Arizona taking part in toward the morning to form some.

The loss complete the Cardinals’ run at six games and turn over their lead within the National League Central. The atomic number remained 3, and also the second-place Brewers currently path the Cardinals by a pair of ½ games. The loss let alone Milwaukee’s win in Cincinnati meant the earliest the Cardinals will clinch the division is weekday, their final off day.

The length of the sport became a vote on the Cardinals offense and it might have repercussions for the bullpen. The Cardinals got 2 runs on solo homers in sixty nine at-bats — and that they were separated by twelve innings. The Cardinals had to use eleven pitchers, ten of their relievers, and leaves solely Salim Martinez as absolutely reinvigorated for a series finale scheduled to start out ten hours when the primary team bus left Chase Field.

In what can be associate degree punctuation mark on one amongst the most effective second-half performances ever by a Cardinals pitcher, Flaherty took a baseball into the seventh period of play once a tough, awkward hop ahead of initial base LED to Arizona’s initial hit of the sport. Moving to his left to field the routine hopper from Eduardo Escobar, Goldschmidt had to dive back to his right and reach out together with his blank hand because the ball took its sharp, uncommon hop off a seam within the Chase Field new, $2.5-million turf.

Goldschmidt got enough of the ball solely to slow it, not keep it from being dominated a hit for Escobar.

“I tried to urge it with my blank hand and could not get enough of it,” Goldschmidt. “If not (an out), it had been planning to be a blunder. i used to be in position. I might have simply lost it. however i used to be planning to be there.”

The baseball denied, Flaherty remained dominant.

The Cardinals required each overwhelming period of play he had for them.

And that still wasn’t close to enough.

Flaherty smitten out eleven and pitched seven defeat, one-hit innings with dextral Fowler’s leadoff homer because the lone run within the game. Tasked with finishing the primary 1-0 finish on a leadoff homer in Cardinals’ history since 1900, Saint Andrew the Apostle Miller couldn’t. Former Cardinals field hand solon hit a solo blast to tie the sport, 1-1, of Miller and rip the win aloof from Flaherty.

“Certainly would like i’d have created a higher pitch,” Miller aforementioned. “You have these pinch-hitters come back off the bench and there is solely such a large amount of guys you’ll (scout). I simply did not throw the pitch that I wished with conviction. and that i procured it.”

The tie game would meander all the thanks to the thirteenth period of play before former diamondback rattlesnake Goldschmidt’s thirty third home run of the season snapped the tie to relinquish the Cardinals a 2-1 lead. It didn’t survive 3 batters.

Marcell Ozuna misplayed successful into a triple and each of the batters John Gant long-faced within the thirteenth reached base. Pinch-hitter Caleb Joseph singled home a run to tie the sport, again. By the time succeeding run scored Flaherty had been out of the sport longer than he was in it.

The score stayed knotted, 2-2, through the ordinal, past the fifteenth, and every one the method till Daniel fancy man First State Leon emerged from the deep recesses of the Cardinals’ bullpen to pitch 3 goalless innings. fancy man First State Leon smitten out the facet within the fifteenth period of play, and he pitched around a leadoff double within the sixteenth period of play.

Twice within the game the Cardinals opted to skirt around Christian Walker’s power to face solon, associate degree fielder. Walker smitten go into his initial 2 at-bats, bounced into a baseball play in his third, and gave the impression of a windmill at time together with his swings. against this, solon was on pitches — whether or not it had been the house flee Miller or the run batted in single off John Brebbia to win it. The walk to Walker within the nineteenth affected the winning to 3rd, exploit little doubt on Vargas’ walk-off fly hit.

“Turned intent on be Vargas’ night,” Shildt aforementioned. “Nothing against solon. Clearly he beat U.S. and place some smart swings on that. You know, Walker may be a a lot of well-tried guy and that we took our shot with Vargie one or two times. It paid off. It did not pay off within the last one.”

It has been Flaherty’s dominant half – the most effective within the division has since since Jake Arrieta’s baseball player Award summer in 2015 – at the guts of the Cardinals’ surge to the division title. The Cardinals were 44-44, a .500 team, at the All-Star Game, and coming into Tues that they had won double as several games (46) as they need lost (23) since the break. 9 of these wins came within the thirteen previous games Flaherty started despite the person receiving a number of the smallest run support within the majors.

He has associate degree zero.97 ERA since the All-Star break, and within the final 2 months of the season he features a zero.84 ERA in ten starts and ninety four strikeouts in his final seventy five innings.

“He’s been vast,” Goldschmidt aforementioned. “He’s carried U.S. this half. simply set the tone. Gone out there each game. Gone deep into games. Pitched very well, and we’re planning to want him to try and do that.”

Flaherty is about to begin Sunday’s regular-season finale if the Cardinals ought to win it to clinch the division. If not, Tuesday’s excellence was the ultimate pitches Flaherty threw of his 2019 season and therefore the next time he starts it’ll be a game.

Considering the position the Cardinals have place themselves in, center field Harrison Bader nonchalantly brought up Flaherty as “Mr. Don’t Think” before Tuesday’s game.

It’s not precisely a nickname.

It’s a locution on a shirt that Flaherty bimanual intent on teammates. It’s a phrase that he has sewn to his cleats. It’s a reminder that he says to himself as a clue to trust his talent and simply outpitch the opponent, not outthink him.

“That’s his complete,” Bader aforementioned. “That’s his brand. That’s his hashtag. That’s his, i suppose – his mantra.”

It is dishonest .

Several times since his no-no bid faltered late on his final begin of the half, Flaherty has everybody thinking this begin can be the beginning that he throws a baseball. Flaherty has one amongst the most effective sliders within the game, and as a results of it he’s ready to pile-drive his and hummer past hitters. each pitchers arrive within the strike zone. He’s not looking forward to hitters to chase them. He’s overwhelming hitters in their zones, and that’s has explained the zeroes stacking informed the sign on every occasion he pitches. Tues was the fifth time in his past eleven starts that he pitched a minimum of seven innings and failed to permit a run, attained or unearned .

Flaherty’s excellent run through the Diamondbacks’ lineup resulted in the fourth period of play once he walked consecutive batters to place the ligature run in grading position.

Unfazed, Flaherty finished the period of play with consecutive strikeouts, putt him on the brink of doing what solely 2 different Cardinals pitchers have since the team joined the National League in 1892. He got there with the primary out of the fifth. Flaherty smitten out Arizona catcher Alex Avila for his 220th of the season. the sole different Cardinals to possess that several strikeouts in an exceedingly single season were guided missile Jones (once) and Hall of Fame ace and Flaherty pal Bob Gibson (six times). The last time a Cardinal pitcher smitten out quite 220 in associate degree season was Gibson in 1970. Jones smitten out 225, and Flaherty matched him. That leaves Gibson because the solely Cardinals pitcher ever have a lot of strikeouts than Flaherty in an exceedingly single season.

Flaherty did it by flexing the hex he had on the Diamondbacks.

“Just a touch bit off. I felt a touch behind,” Flaherty aforementioned. “We were ready to figure it out a lot of because the game went on, to execute higher. I had to execute after I required to. because the game slid I got here a higher rhythm.”

He smitten out the facet so as within the sixth period of play. All of the hitters went down swinging. Not one amongst them saw quite one pitch out of the strike zone. He smitten out pinch-hitter Wilmer Flores on a ninety six.5-mph hummer. He got leadoff hitter Abraham Almonte gusting when associate degree eighty seven.3-mph slider, and Flaherty closed the period of play with Domingo Leyba swinging behind a ninety six.5-mph hummer. Flaherty powerless the 3 batters and required solely thirteen pitches to complete the period of play, carrying his baseball into the seventh.

Turns out the sole issue out of his management was the turf.

The one run the Cardinals had for all of Flaherty’s begin was the one that came with the game’s initial ball live.

On a 1-2 cutter from former Cardinal electro-acoustic transducer Leake, leadoff hitter Fowler lofted a ball that cleared the right-field fence for a home run. Fowler’s twenty sixth career leadoff homer gave the Cardinals the 1-0 lead that Flaherty would ought to be nearly perfect to guard. The leadoff homer was Fowler’s second of the month.

The Cardinals got 2 runners aboard within the second period of play before Leake got the second out of the period of play, however succeeding 2 batters couldn’t get the ball out of the piece of ground, in addition to bring either of the runners home. within the sixth period of play, a leadoff single was erased a by baseball play. That well-tried pricey once Yadier Molina turned on a pitch for a line double over a jump third sacker. The double was Molina’s 542nd extra-base hit of his career, vaulting him past tough guy Simmons and alone into tenth place incomparable in Cardinals history. within the eighth, a throwing error by Escobar place Marcell Ozuna at third base for Molina. Reliever Stefon Cricton outlasted Molina in an exceedingly six-pitch bat that finished with a curveball and a out.

The game needed the groups to use twenty two relievers of the twenty four on the rosters. a complete of 576 pitches were thrown within the game.

“Clearly their not in nice form either,” Shildt aforementioned. “We’ve got some guys. We’ll be ready to field a club. We’ll be alright.”

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Rishi Kapoor In His Last Phone Call With Kunal Kohli Said, “Come Back & Prove Everybody Wrong”




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While talking to an entertainment portal, Kunal revealed that the “Karz” actor called him just before the lockdown was imposed and asked Kunal about what he was doing that time. Rishi Kapoor told the filmmaker that he wanted a big movie from him as the directors who are less talented than Kunal are making big flicks. He asked Kunal to make a comeback and prove to everybody that they are wrong about him.

Kunal was not able to stop his tears as he told that at first, he didn’t believe the news of Rishi Kapoor’s departure, then he called Manish Malhotra who confirmed the tragic news. Kunal said that he broke down after hearing it, adding that nothing will be same without Rishi Kapoor, whether its life, Bollywood or parties.  Kunal is of the opinion that Rishi Kapoor shouldn’t have gone in this manner as the whole country is under lockdown and the “Chandni” actor deserved a better farewell.

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There is no denying the fact that Rishi Kapoor was an inspiration for many and he will always be missed. RIP!

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Actor Sunil Lahri who played the role of Lakshman in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan is very happy with the response that the show is getting. He said that many people are saying Doordarshan has been revived by Ramayan. Sunil recalled the old memories as he shared that the first thing that he can think of is the craziness of people for the serial and the characters. He told that people used to respect them by touching their feet whenever they see them at public places.

Sunil revealed that the response was not good in the beginning when Ramayan was telecasted in 1987, but after 6 or 7 episodes, people started getting mad for the serial. He feels that viewers got pretty strongly attracted towards the emotions of Ramayan and felt connected to it and even today, they are feeling the same.

Sunil Lahri further added that Ramayan did have a manufacturing date but it doesn’t have an expiry date and the response will be great even if it is re-run after 10-15 years. As per him, no matter how much modern we Indians get but we are still connected to our roots.

Talking about his personal choices, he said that he was not happy working in Ramayan in the initial stages because he lost many movies because of that. However, he admits that he is happy now as his work has been loved, respected and recognized today, more than the time when the show was telecasted for the first time.

In response to the question whether he got stereotyped, he said that though some similar roles were offered to him that he denied, he didn’t get stereotyped. He further said that in his younger days, his personality did not suit mythological roles so many people were surprised when he played the character of Lakshman very well. Sunil Lahri also revealed that he was working in few action, romantic and musical movies as well at that time but they flopped.

He also said that when he stopped getting good roles, he focused on production and advertising business so that he didn’t face survival issues. According to him, the industry people don’t care about the fact that how you are as an actor and what matters more for them is whether your movie worked on the box-office or not. In the end, he said that he will do only those roles which he feels he can justify.

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Ramayan Breaks All Records With 77Mn Views Surpassing The Big Bang Theory, Twitter Reacts




The 21 days lockdown starting from March 25 was imposed by the Indian government due to the increase in the number of COVID-19 positive patients and as everyone was forced to remain inside their houses, many people took to social media and demanded that popular old shows of DD National should he aired again.

The government took note of it and some very popular old shows such as Ramayan, Mahabharat, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Circus, etc. were started again on DD National and DD Prasar Bharati. The Indian citizens showered love on these shows, especially on Ramayan and it has broken all the records of viewership as on 16th April, it got 77mn (7.7cr) views. Ramayan has become the most watched entertainment show worldwide, surpassing even the very popular English sitcoms.

The popular American television sitcom The Big Bang Theory which was directed by Mark Cendrowski and starred Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar and others got its highest viewership (18.5 mn) on 16 May, 2019. Another quite famous TV series Game of Thrones received 17.4 mn views on its final episode.

The fans of Ramayan took to social media and #RamayanSetsWorldRecord started trending on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Here is the tweet which was made by Prasar Bharati:

Here is the tweet by Doordarshan in which it thanked all its viewers for making Ramayan the most watched TV show ever in the whole world.

The netizens also responded and here are some of the selected tweets:









The lockdown was further increased for 2 weeks till May 3 and now it has been extended once again till May 17.

If we talk about the situation of coronavirus in India, the number of COVID-19 patients is more than 37K while the number of people who have lost their lives is more than 1200.

If we talk about the whole world, the number of infected patients is over 33 lakh while more than 2.30 lakh have lost their lives.

Stay at home and stay safe!

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