G.I. Joe: War On Cobra turn based mobile game launched

There is a new strategy game called G.I. Joe: War on Cobra that just hit Android. This new game comes from D3 Go! studio and not Hasbro. Hasbro owns the G.I Joe franchise and has been responsible for all media content up until now. The title is now available for download on the Google Play Store.  The game is similar to the previous gacha games from the company. The game implements capsule based gameplay which is reminiscent of the 80s.

The game is similar to the other card based games with a strategy element to it. The trailer of the game showed that the gameplay involves card collection and their use in the gameplay. Players have to defend their base and take others using their card collection. Players can choose from the good guys which is the G.I Joes or the bad guys from Cobra Commander’s regime. Players equip their team and wait for the enemies to attack the base in order to defend.

Players have to collect a bunch of heroes, villains and other equipment card in order to make a solid deck that will win them different scenarios. The objective is to complete missions to get new cards to add to their decks. G.I. Joe: War On Cobra is a free-to-play game but it is heavily dependent on in-app purchases. Besides these there are in-app advertisements as well.

But as of now there is very little to differentiate it from the other strategy card games that are available right now. We will have to wait for the game to launch to see if it is different from what we expect it to be. But the trailer of the game offers little hope.

G.I. Joe: War On Cobra: Objectives

– Collect Hero, Troop, Command, and Vehicle cards inspired by the classic G.I. JOE animated series and action figure toy lines.

– Compete with other players in PvP battles to raise rank.

– Equip your Squad and defend your base from land, sea, or air assaults with special defenses, including Turrets, Sea Mines, Armed Troops and Heavy Artillery.

– Choose a side, both G.I. Joe and Cobra factions have unique Units and Buildings with different playstyles.

– Battles require strategic deployment of units and quick responses for victory.