Well, Game of Thrones has been ended but there are several questions which they left after the finale episode. Perhaps most of the fans still fascinated about these questions but who will answers them? Not Game of Thrones because they already left everything started working on their new projects.

Here are the most fascinating question that Game of Thrones leave behind the finale episode:

1. Why Sansa demanded North as independent kingdom?

Sansa as a Queen of North

Sansa as a Queen of North (Image: HBO)

Well, Bran is a little brother of Sansa and if he is going to become a king of seven kingdoms than automatically he is also the ruler not just for North but for all seven kingdoms. This sounds mean and all those lines she said during the season to Jon. You’re the King, Why did you bend your knees? and so on. All of these were fake?

2. Where drogon headed to?

Drogon taking Daenerys in his claws

Drogon taking Daenerys in his claws (Image: HBO)

t appears he was headed towards the East so was potentially heading back to Essos, where he was born. So now the cities that Dany worked hard to free have a big angry dragon on the loose.

If Jon had been so angered by King’s Landing being set ablaze, then why would he unleash an angry, motherless dragon out there?

3. Why Unsullied sailed for Nath?

Unsullied sailed for the Isle of Nath

Unsullied sailed for the Isle of Nath (Image: HBO)

We have seen Daenerys finds Missandei from Naath. She was already died than why Unsullied captain Grey Worm sailing for Naath?

4. Was Cersei pregnant?


Cersei (Image: HBO)

We seen that she was pregnant but after that we seen her talking about her unborn child. Was she actually pregnant?

5. Who was on the council?

Members of Council

Members of Council (Image: HBO)

Some viewers believe that one of the members of the council was Howland Reed (the mysterious figure seen between Edmure and Samwell Tarly), however, it is never made clear to the viewers that this is the case.

Seated on the left-hand and right-hand side of Yara Greyjoy, are two unidentified council members. Who are they? I guess we’ll never know…

Okay, so it’s a little infuriating that there are still so many questions we don’t know the answers to, even after watching one of the most highly anticipated finales to any series in recent years. We can only hope that at least some of our questions will be answered in the upcoming spin-offs.

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