Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 They Ruined Her and What Next?

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 They Ruined Her and What Next?

Well, just one episode left for the end of final season of Game of Thrones, no doubt the episode 5th was extremely disappointing for viewers. The writers almost ruined each and every character that ever loved.

The journey started from season 1 with a hope and a vision to become the queen of seven kingdoms, making the world free from the curse of slavery, it’s all started from Daenerys Targaryen. However, it ending on the same character but how?

By ruining them and making them worse and worse. No doubt it’s only because of bad writing, they actually didn’t know what they are doing.

But let’s talk about all things one by one:

**Major Spoilers**

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen (Image: HBO)

I know everybody is curious about her, if you haven’t watch the show yet, probably, you will end up hating her. Because they ruined her character in such a way that seasonal fan’s are not able to absorb this, even several started discussions like; #DaenerysDie, etc

In short words, she burnt everybody who came across in her way. Even after Tyrion indication of ringing the bell to stop the battle.

Daenerys Burning the city
Daenerys Burning the city (Image: HBO)

It doesn’t make any sense that after ringing the bell, she continues burning the city. Well, it can be seen that she was frustrated, depressed, and when she saw the building where Cersei lives, it reminds her, how her family was murdered and how they lost their throne.

Basically, she took that so much personally and in the end, ASHES AND ASHES!

Now, let’s jump into the beginning. Lord Varys, I mean he was a good guy and I personally feel he was one of the intelligent character in the show. But he turns too quickly, way too quickly guys against her.

Lord Varys Burnt Alive by Dragon
Lord Varys Burnt Alive by Dragon (Image: HBO)

And Dany’s decision to burning him alive was the appropriate but writers can do better than that because characters who are together supporting each other from last 7 seasons, they turn against Dany like like… I don’t remember the word.

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Jon Snow was nothing in this episode, it was like they included him only for the references’ purposes, like they have Jon Snow in Game of Thrones show. And completely agreed the episode was not for him, it was only for Queen Daenerys.

Despite of her words in season 6, I’m not like my father “Mad King”, she actually become the Mad Queen.

And the fact of Mad Queen is still annoy me and I guess most you guys!

Dany and Tyrion Talking in episode 5
Dany and Tyrion Talking in episode 5 (Image: HBO)

First in the episode, Dany was too depressed because everyone betrayed her. Jon Snow told her sisters about his real identity, Varys planning to take down her, etc

Finally they ruined her character. Daenerys Targaryen hit her final form as she abandoned the advice to not use weapons of mass destruction—which is what a dragon pretty much is—on the innocents of (the surprisingly large) King’s Landing. Despite an obvious win over the Lannisters, Dany hears the bells of surrender, and rather than offer mercy, she goes off her rocker and torches everything in sight, children included. It’s been hinted that Dany was becoming too obsessive over the throne and had some of the characteristics of her father, the Mad King, but this heel turn came with whiplash.

Daenerys, Dragon and Tyrion
Daenerys, Dragon and Tyrion – Dragon ready to burn the city (Image: HBO)

Consider a time when rooting for Daenerys was the easiest thing about this show. She was the kind but steel-hearted “Breaker of Chains” who could broker peace with barbarians and slaves alike. We called her “Dany” and watched her talent for barbecuing slavers and enemies become a thing of satisfaction. From the first episode on, the series made us witness her trials—birthing dragons, freeing cities, saving dumbass Jon Snow, and helping to defeat the Night King. But now we’re meant to believe that the most reasonably lovable protagonist is now the show’s most unreasonable villain?

For a good seven seasons and change, this series has hammered in the idea of Dany’s aptitude for fairness; a queen interested in equality, with the one requirement being loyalty—bend the knee, and we won’t have problems, she’d say. The paradox of that comes in the constant reminder that Targaryen blood is susceptible to mental fuckery, as Varys puts it: “Every time a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin.” You’d expect the groundwork to be laid for this transition by now—the show has made a small attempt to show her as increasingly isolated—but we’re asked to ignore nearly everything we know about this character. Suddenly, because our queen is lonely and has been betrayed yet again, she’s down with torching thousands of people who are captives in their own right. As if the sounds of cries wouldn’t make her pause? Come on.

Daenerys Targaryen Walks in flanked by Unsullied
Daenerys Targaryen Walks in flanked by Unsullied (Image: HBO)

It’s possible that this character arc could have worked if the seeds to this decision were planted earlier and cultivated. Maybe if he finishes the books, George R. R. Martin will be able to show her descent into madness in a way that shows the tragedy of it all and what happens to a person consumed by their lust for power. But this show did Daenerys dirty.

At last just few words, I’m not a writer but anyone who have even 0.1% interest in movies and novels, can write a better so-called ending than this.

But still the final episode will be interesting, how Dany will confront everyone? Especially Jon and Tyrion. There are two possible things can happen in the next episode:

Someone from Jon, Tyrion, Bran, and Arya will kill her and take the Iron Throne. And most probably handed over to Tyrion. The reason why named Tyrion for Iron Throne for specific reasons:

Jon Snow talking to Dany in episode 5
Jon Snow talking to Dany in episode 5 (Image: HBO)

Firstly, Jon Snow don’t have any interest to become a king and not after the king of dead’s landing, where million of innocent people died.

Arya Stark in episode 5
Arya Stark in episode 5 (Image: HBO)

Second, Arya I can’t say anything but it seems like she will not (I know now, her fans will jump on me, etc but this is just an assumption.. Guys)

Tyrion (Image: HBO)

Lastly, Tyrion I believe now he is the only and right candidate for Iron Throne and probably everyone else want to see him. Also, we can’t ignore the tweet from Stephen King about the ending of Game of Thrones,

And Bran Stark, because he is dark-horse, even still his appearance Did not last long but who knows what they have wrote.

So, this is it for this post. I saved my words for recap of this episode and it will be soon live, so stay tuned and meanwhile follow us at @TheYdraft for all interesting stories!

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