Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Trailer, Preview Breakdown

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Trailer, Preview Breakdown

Episode 5 of Game of Thrones Season 8 was one of the most intense episodes of Game of Thrones, we’ve ever gotten Ned Stark’s execution and the Red Wedding, we’re nothing compared to how intense episode 5 was. And I got to say I enjoyed a majority of it and I was surprised a few times especially with Jaime but I will save my thoughts for the episode review on a secondary post.

However, I will say this here now for those of you who died this episode actual name characters not background extras you guys had some good send offs all with the exception of one person and I don’t even need to tell you guys who the fuck I’m talking about that was so dumb but for now let’s focus on the final preview the final episode preview actually.

Tyrion (Image: HBO)

I must say it is bittersweet following this show for almost ten years but this is it the final episode. The preview with John Dallas and Tyrion walking through the remains of King’s Landing and I got to say the set for this episode was OnPoint destruction and chaos everywhere and they did it beautifully at first throughout the preview. I was wondering oh it’s snowing again but no that’s actually ash raining down.

Burnt Kings Landing
Burnt Kings Landing (Image: HBO)

Now, I’m kind of confused in the whole let’s burn the city down shtick she’s going for here. See, I really do feel like an asshole. I also don’t understand the point of continuously firing on the city like what was that gonna accomplish as well as the Dothraki charging in there and killing indiscriminately but whatever I want to say that perhaps Danny gave the order to kill them all regardless of the bells because Tyrion kept rambling on about the bells to her and I’m thinking she lightly gave the orders about the bells you know to her their allies and to ignore them and told them all to go crazy and just do whatever. we also see a shot of the red keep still intact but I’m sure the roof of the throne room has collapsed.

Arya Stark looking at Daenerys
Arya Stark looking at Daenerys (Image: HBO)

If so, then it’s in line with the vision we saw in the house of the undying back in season two that Dany also saw where she walks through a destroyed throne room.

We then cut to Arya watching what appears to be a victory celebration and likely a speech from Danny as a dothraki and the unsullied gather around you can easily tell who the worst person and bad guy in the series is when Arya looks at them that way her Q rating for the show and a shout-out from Drake means that she’s top tier character status now for the series.

If Arya looks at a puppy like that you can bet that they wrote that puppy responsible for both the Holocaust and 9/11 and by the way I’m just gonna say this now the fact that aria has incredible plot armor annoys me so damn much!

At least with Jon Snow swords and arrows don’t harm him but Arya debris fire hordes of people stomping on her spine don’t even stop her. I wouldn’t be surprised if the last scene of this entire series is Arya getting a raven from Nick Fury about The Avengers initiative and next we have Tyrion who follows incautious and pissed off as a Dothraki all raised their weapons in a cheer.

Daenerys Targaryen Walks in flanked by Unsullied
Daenerys Targaryen Walks in flanked by Unsullied (Image: HBO)

While Dani walks in flanked by an Sully so, the imagery here is clear she burned them all just like her father the “Mad King” wanted I also need to call back to something Varys told alehna and about Littlefinger back in season 3 about how Littlefinger would see the country burn if he could be king in the ashes well it turns out that includes Daenerys as well I guess and once again I’m also getting ahead of myself but her snapping like that came out of nowhere.

One thing I’m curious about for them for the next episode is how she justifies killing innocent people how she just does how she justifies destroying a city that her ancestors built and how she justifies killing enemy soldiers for what their queen did it’s gonna be an interesting next episode.

I gotta say I didn’t expect Daenerys to be our final endgame boss our hidden boss if you will I was completely okay with a crazy pregnant woman and her pirate boyfriend being like the main villains but I guess you know I don’t know what to make of this if it’s irony cliche or bad writing that Daenerys turns out to be our final endgame villain if you will especially with the way Arya looked at her did you know she’s up for the Avengers initiative I don’t know. But let’s see.!

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