Ghost Of Tsushima Easter Egg Honors PlayStation Exclusives

Developer Sucker Punch has slipped a few fun Easter eggs into the huge open world of Ghost of Tsushima, if you know where to look for them. A few are tied to finding collectibles and completing missions, but one big one shows up at the end of the game, paying homage to a bunch of PlayStation exclusive games that have helped define Sony’s influence on the video gaming landscape.

You can find the Easter egg after you complete Act 3 of the main quest. When you’re finished with Jin’s Tale, you’ll awaken at Tradition’s End, a small shack where Jin keeps a whole bunch of keepsakes regarding the people he meets throughout the game and the events that take place as part of the story.

Look on the table in the shack, however, and you’ll see something else: a bunch of papercraft characters and objects referencing other PlayStation exclusive games. There are quite a few, in fact, and it’s easy to miss some of them. Here’s the full list and what they’re calling out.

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