Ghost Of Tsushima Patch 1.05 Adds More Brutal And Forgiving Combat Options

Ghost of Tsushima, the latest PS4 exclusive from Infamous creators Sucker Punch, has received a new patch that aims to make combat both more punishing and accessible, for those who want and need it respectively.

The headline of the patch is the new “Lethal” difficulty, which will push you beyond the game’s current hard mode. Here enemies will deal more damage with each blow, while Jin’s own swings of his katana will take down enemies quicker too. You’ll have to adjust to tighter timing windows for parries and dodges too, while contending with foes that will be far more aggressive in fights.

On the other end of the spectrum, the patch will also introduce a low combat intensity option into the accessibility menu. This aims to give players more breathing room in combat, preventing enemies from attacking Jin while healing and breaking off their combos once you’re hit. You can also block previously unblockable attacks, while also staggering Brutes with your heavy attack to give you an advantage.

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